Welcome to personalised smoking cessation

If you have followed this link chances are you are part of the 55% of smokers who actually want to quit, or are at least considering it.

There are various reliable methods of smoking cessation, which take physical and psychological factors into account. The adequate therapy should correspond individually with the patient’s personality in order to be successful. After all, we are all different.

During the course of the sessions we will pay close attention to your individual needs

We will analyse your smoking habits and put together your personalised smoking cessation programme depending on your individual personality and needs in order to make sure we achieve the best possible outcome: a smoke-free future. Treatment in small groups, involving spouses or relatives, or even close friends is also possible. Incorporation of dietary and fitness aspects is also an integral part of my personalized smoking cessation approach.

The Beginning:

I would like to rule out a lung disease before beginning.

This involves taking a history, physical examination, chest X-Ray, lung function testing, and possibly further investigations, if required. If a disease of the respiratory tract is detected, appropriate treatment should be started.

Please bring along all documents necessary to understand your medical history (including letters from prior hospital or outpatient treatment, x-ray results, and lists of current medication)


Smoking cessation will require four appointments in the course of three to six months and includes:


€ 100 per session (ca 30 minutes)

costs of nicotine replacement products or prescribed medication is not included. The SVS (former SVA) supports your smoking cessation as part of the campaign „Gesundeitshunderter“